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What’s Nori?

   Nori is one of the most popular and traditional foods in Japan. It’s used for Sushi roll, Onigiri and so on.

Nori is a kind of seaweeds  

Nori on the nets

   Farmers go to the shallow sea on the boats and pick up Nori grown on the nets. Bamboo sticks were used before nets.

Making a sheet by hands

Drying in the sun

After coming back to the land, they make thin sheets like paper.


Hiroshige Utagawa(1st) 1857 

Tokyo Bay  1950's

 Omori is the birthplace of Nori manufacturing. It became active around 300 years ago (Edo period). After a while, Nori farming technology spread across all over the country from here. However, in December 1962, Nori farmers agreed to reclaim farming places for modern development of Tokyo Port. 300 years history around here came to the end.

Omori Nori Museum

 This museum was opened in memory of the Nori’s history in 2008 owing to passions of local people. 


 1st floor

The last nori boat

Reproduced working place

 There is the last Nori ship with an engine. Small boat above it is for one person’s use.  A short film on the wall shows Nori manufacturing of half a century ago. And there is a reconstruction of the workplace for Nori manufacturing.

 2nd floor

Traditional nori making tools

 Experience corner

 There are many traditional Nori making tools, experience corner, and science of Nori corner.

 3rd floor

                      View from 3rd froor

Flower bed

 This is a rest area. There’re tables and chairs. You can look over the seaside park, especially artificial beach. The scenery is very beautiful. We also have a flowerbed.

How to make Nori sheets (1940~50’s photos)

 1. Picking up Nori  

 2. Making Nori sheets started before dawn

3. Chopping up 

4. Pouring Nori into the square frame

 5. Working place

6. Drying Nori sheets in the sun

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